Driver Power Seat on 2004 Buick Rainier

Driver seat will not move Front or back everything else works could it be the safty lock!! sant hear the seat motor engaging
any help!!

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You may have a bad seat switch or a bad seat motor. These seat motors were notorious
for going bad. Also the seat motor is connected to the seat track by a cable, it may have
disconnected from the motor. One way to tell is if you hear the motor run when the switch
is engaged it most likely the cable. It there's no sound at all it most likely the switch.
Thanks for the info, Sounds like the moter is locked up or Jammed Can here what i think are the locks disengage ,dont think the cables are disconnected!! Should I replace the switch first?
Good to hear the motor is trying to move. Sounds like something is stuck in the track keeping the seat from moving. Take a flash light and look under the seat at the seat track and see if you can see anything jamming the track like a penny or some kind of debris. Remove it if you can. If you don't see anything try taking a hammer and a flat head screw driver and tap the seat track forward or backwards then use the switch to see if it moves. If no movement try hitting it harder. If you don't have any luck call me at 407-851-8510 Todd @ Sport Mazda to make an appointment.
Ok thanks again will do !!