driver door will not open. Lock is broken. on 1996 Acura Integra

My 1996 Acura integra driver door will not open. It cannot be unlocked with my key, from inside the car or by removing the interior handle/lock cover and trying to manipulate it. It's a manual lock in the handle. The door is closed so I cannot take off the door panel.I can get in the car by opening the passenger door and climbing into the drivers seat.

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Drivers seat would need to be removed , and even doing that , you would most likely only reduce the amount of damage to the panel , not eliminate it. Might try calling a local auto locksmith experienced with that situation? Maybe they will be able to unlock it so you can open it and then remove the panel for diag. & repair without breaking the door panel.
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Hey did you ever get this issue sorted out ? My type r just got the exact same issue today :/
If so how did u fix it. Could you help . i really dont want to dMage the car as ive only just purchased it