driver door switches on 2006 Isuzu Ascender

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power locks power window rear view mirror switches dont work on driver side door. this happened before but several days later it started to work again
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Many newer vehicles have a control module that is in charge of operating all the components in each door, and this module is in a network of tens of other modules. What this means is sometimes an issue like this can be addressed by a software patch, module issue or even a problem with another module or wiring could be the cause. This should go to a shop that has the equipment and information to handle this type of repair. Have them check for any related technical service bulletins from Isuzu that might be related.
Ive had this happen one time. None of my windows or anything would work on the door panel. I just banged it once or twice and it started to work again. Maybe it is a fuse or a short or from it getting a little wet. Try that next time, and hopefully it will work!