2006 Pontiac Solstice Q&A

2006 Pontiac Solstice Question: drive train noise

it seems like there is some play in the drive train. it clunks when you shift gears. any ideas? the car has 21k miles. -
Answer 1
Pontiac put a support bracket on the tranny on 2007 and newer cars, I have same clunking noise I was told it would be ok from Pontiac dealer. I don't now if one could be added. -
Answer 2
I just recently purchased a 2007 Solstice GXP w/3,600 miles on it. I too noticed the drivetrain noise, & whilst it was up on a lift, I noticed that GM has a large rubber disc which joins the driveshaft, & the pinion of the differential. It appears that both are bolted to this rubber disc, but each seems bolted to it separately. ...meaning, instead of 4 bolts connecting the driveshaft to the pinion directly, there are 8 bolts, & a big rubber disc with 8 bolt holes. The driveshaft uses 4 bolts & 4 holes, and the pinion uses the other 4 bolts & 4 holes. At least that's what it looked like. I will do further investigation & edit appropriately if I find anything to the contrary. I have only had the car for 2 weeks, so I apologize for any inaccuracy. Hope this helps someone! :) -
Answer 3
I noticed the same thing in my 2006.. weird..clunking.. I heard from a GM tech that this is normal because the parts are so close to each other. -
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