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1999 Acura TL Question: drive train

My Acura TL 3.2 1999 model always a transmission failure.How can i retify that problem or if possible get a new automatic transmission system to replace the old one -
Answer 1
The automatic transmissions are a common problem with this model. I'm not sure what problem you are having, but has your transmission failed? More than once? -
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I had a failer because you can not service filter without removing train and spliting case. very bad set up. my traims failed at about 151000 about 50'000more then a normal filter change .if i could service trains rite and change filter this would not of happened .and would have saved me time and money -
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The transmission is still the problem.The gear selection is still very difficult especially from 2 to 4.
The automatic transmission tends to malfunction more often than in similar models. The Check Engine Light may or may not illuminate.