Drive time cycle for a 1997 Dodge Neon 4 door, my vehicle needs to pass emission on 1997 Dodge Neon

I have a Dodge Neon 1997 whitch ws reset and needs to pass emissions, what is the drive time please?

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The drive time cycle to reset the Monitors will vary due to variance in temp and driving habits. All monitors should be reset within 50 miles of driving. A "Trip" means vehicle operation (following an engine-off period) of duration and driving mode such that all components and systems are monitored at least once by the diagnostic system. The monitors must successfully pass before the PCM can verify that a previously malfunctioning component is meeting the normal operating conditions of that component. For misfire or fuel system malfunction, the MIL may be extinguished if the fault does not recur when monitored during three subsequent sequential driving cycles in which conditions are similar to those under which the malfunction was first determined.

Anytime the MIL is illuminated, a DTC is stored. The DTC can self erase only when the MIL has been extinguished. Once the MIL is extinguished, the PCM must pass the diagnostic test for the most recent DTC for 40 warm-up cycles (80 warm-up cycles for the Fuel System Monitor and the Misfire Monitor) A warm-up cycle can best be described by the following:

•The engine must be running
•A rise of 40°F in engine temperature must occur from the time when the engine was started
•Engine coolant temperature must reach at least 160°F
•A "driving cycle" that consists of engine start up and engine shut off.
Once the above conditions occur, the PCM is considered to have passed a warm-up cycle. Due to the conditions required to extinguish the MIL and erase the DTC, it is most important that after a repair has been made, all DTC's be erased and the repair verified.