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1997 Ford Explorer Question: drive shaft or solid steel drive axles?

I recently brought my 1997 ford explorer limited AWD to a service shop with front end grinding noise. Almost sounded like muffler drag. Mechanic said it was front drive shaft and it would cost $655 bucks is this right price? I thought the AWD didn't have front drive shaft, any suggestions? -
Answer 1
Is it AWD or 4WD? There is a big difference. -
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The explorer is a 1997 limited AWD and the problem was od/off button sticks and was not disengaging what a deal saved 300 or so bucks -
Answer 2
$327 to $428 at http://www.parts.com/ or at http://www.napaonline.com/MasterPages/NOLMaster.aspx?PageId=430&CatId=8&SubCatId=8 $259 plus the core charge and 1.1 hours labor is what the book shows -