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2000 BMW 323i Question: Drive Shaft

How much should it cost to replace drive shaft on 2000 323i BMW -
Answer 1
about 2 hours labor plus the cost of the shaft, But these have replaceable u-joints and center support bearings, So maybe its just one of these components that need replacement http://repairpal.com/directory?address=32259&car_brand_names=BMW -
Comment 1
Thanks for the response, thats what i was quoted was 2 hrs. But I was told that on this model of car the u joint was not replacable would need entire new drive shaft and i should also replace the support bearing. -
Comment 2
Look up the u-joints on www.parts.com and they show them there from$69 to $84 depending on manual or automatic trans, I put shaft in the search box for Propeller shaft and scroll down -
Answer 2
labor should be around $700. There are shops to rebuild the drive shafts. driveline.com -
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