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1998 Mercedes-Benz E430 Question: DRIVE SHAFT

Approximately how much will it cost to repair a drive shaft -
Answer 1
The rear half shafts are about 2.2 hours to remove and replace each (differential out to each rear wheel). I don't have times on replacing the main drive shaft that goes from the transmission to the rear differential. The flex couplings look like this image http://florida.inetgiant.com/AdDetails/2147028 this site may be helpful http://www.thrashdriveshaft.com/import2.htm#MERCEDES -
Answer 2
The book time to R & I the driveshaft including the center support bearing and joint disc is approx 2.8 hours plus the defective parts -
Comment 1
Thank you for your answer; however, I'm looking for a ball park figure in replacing the drive shaft. Can anyone give me a dollar amount on this repair? Thanks. -
Comment 2
Thank you answer #2 very good website. -
Answer 3
what' the cost to repair the drive shaft -
Answer 4
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