drive light on 2003 Honda Odyssey

The 'thing' on the dash that shows the light for the p, n, d, r, d3, d1, etc... when I am driving .. and the car is in d ...the light for D flashes. Even when I stop and put it in park. The red park light is on and the green light for d is still flashin. Then I turn it off and back on and the d light is no longer flashing. Could it be my transmission going out? I can't get it to move to d3, d2 or d1 (anything below the d). Or, maybe a fuse is out? I just had my battery replaced and had to then replace a fuse for my radio stopped working. plus .. just had 1500 in maint work done about 3k miles ago.. timing belt & other stuff. can't remember it all ... Thank you!

by in Lillington, NC on October 26, 2009
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ANSWER by on October 26, 2009
This is indicating that the transmission control module has registered a fault with the transmission system. The troubles you are having may be related to the fault, of the transmission control module may be inhibiting the transmission operation, so you'll need to get it looked at to know what is wrong.
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