drive cycle on 2004 Buick Century

i changed the battery in my 2004 buick century took it for emissions and they told me the drive cycle was wiped out,what do i do?

by in Phoenix, AZ on May 31, 2010
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ANSWER by on May 31, 2010
Drive cycles are different for each car. Your car's computer checks the functionality of the emission system each time you start and drive your car but some systems like the evaporative emission control system and the catalytic converter require a certain amount of driving under certain conditions, speed and temperature changes. Just drive your car for a few weeks it will do the tests itself.
COMMENT by on May 31, 2010
the guy at the buick dealer told me to fill up the car with gas could this be right? how does putting miles and filling up with gas lead to drive cycle wipe out?
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