drive cycle on 1997 Ford Taurus

how long does it take to go through one hole cycle

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A drive cycle is is when a vehicle is driven and the engine completes a diagnostic test for a specific fault code or monitor. Each fault code and monitor has its own specific criteria necessary before the test for that item will be run. For example - mass air flow sensor, code p0101 - when the vehicle is driven far enough for the computer to run the test for code p0101 that drive cycle is complete. The air flow sensor test runs very often so that drive cycle is very short. Another example would be the monitor for the EVAP system. That monitor does not run very often - it would be possible to drive a very long distance and not have the monitor run. This may all be very confusing to you and I can understand why. I am guessing you need run a complete drive cycle to reset the emission monitors for a smog test. Your best bet would be to let your car sit overnight with about 1/2 tank of gas. From a cold start plan to drive for about 45 minutes including both city and highway driving. after you complete your drive let the engine idle in gear for a minute or two before you turn the engine off. Driving in this fashion should reset most if not all of the monitors necessary to pass your smog test. If you ask, the smog check tech may check the monitor status before the test to see if they are complete.
thank you russ you did answer my question