Chrysler Pacifica Problem Report

Chrysler Pacifica Drive belt noise due to misalignment of drive belt pulleys

(11 reports)

Misalignment of the drive belt pulleys can cause a chirping or squeaking noise from the drive belt.

Rattling noise coming from under hood.Opened the hood followed the sound and the bottom belt pulley rattling and belt moving all over. Problem just found so no answer on how it was fixed. -
loud rattling from bottom of of truck and belt when turned on dont know how to fix -
squeaks everytime it rains sometimes you hear a light niose when not raining also dew makes it sqeak -
Belt noise that come and go -
Have had the belt replaced once and now it is doing it again -
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a mechanic that i know used a lubricant that he poured into my overflow to stop the squeaking.

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