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1995 Buick Park Avenue Question: drive belt

Tried to change drive belt but won't come off looks like its around a bar or something can u help me -
Answer 1
To release and install serpentine belt, belt tensioner has to be move in direction indicated by arrow. If no arrow available move tensioner in direction which loosens belt. The use of special belt tool may be required due to limited access. Serpentine belt tensioner is located under Alternator. -
Answer 2
The bar is the engine mount. I have a 97, same problem. You have to support the engine and remove all the bolts holding that mount. Then jack the engine enough to slide the serpentine belt out. Then carefully put it all back together. No way around it. FYI, buy the best most expensive replacement belt you can. The job isn't really complicated but it's a pain. -
Comment 1
thanks. That answer is the only one I've seen online that made sense and is obviously correct. No other answer I've seen even brings up that point. -
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