Drive Axle removal on 2000 Audi A6 Quattro

I have two busted axle boots I am thinking about trying to change the drive axle out myself. Can anyone help me with step by step instructions with pictures on how to change the drive axles out.

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You should invest in a repair manual, go to or The alldata online subscription is $25.00, and you will have the info for other repairs should you need it.
I have saved myself over $400 by doing both of my front drive axle replacements. The dealer wanted to charge me over a $1000.00 and another Auto repair shop that works on foreign cars wanted $600.00. Try it yourself sometimes and you may be able to save yourself lots of money.
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I am looking for answer for the same question
does anyone have instruction that accompany pictures of how to replace the axel for 00 audi a6 quattro
when I did mine I got a manual, the average metric tool set will work but you will need a spline bit tool for the drive shaft bolts (about 70 bucks) it's not a allen or torks and you will only strip them out if you try to use one. the manual has detailed pick but read it first I do maintenance work by trade and it only took about a hour to do both
Step by step instructions with pictures at this website ;