drive axel removal on 1997 Volkswagen Jetta

I am needing to put a new clutch in and I cannot pop out the drive axels. I cannot find any on-line info. Is there a retaining pin or bolt hidden somewhere?

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The axle shafts are held in by a large nut on the hub (wheel/outboard) end of the axle and bolted to flanges on the transmission side of the axle. As you look at the axle where it goes into the transmission, you should see 6 bolts with 12 point inverted spline heads. You must loosen all six of those bolts to separate the axles from the flanges. If you try to pry the axles out without loosening those bolts you will not be successful and may damage the flanges if you get enough leverage. Once you have loosened the bolts and disconnected the ball joints, you should be able to move the axle shaft out of your way. Good luck.