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Drayton Automotive
February 12, 2011

This is the one of the worst stories ever. Ed quoted us $4000.00 dollars to do about everything besides the engine work and any interior or exterior work on a 1963 dart that was in pretty good shape. He was just servicing and replacing running gear things like listed above. He had the car for 4 years. We called him a least every 6 months and he would give an excuse about how he was about to start. We eventually decided we did not think he was actually going to do any work, but he had the car up on stilts with the wheels locked away so we could not just go get it. I received a ticket in the mail for the car. It was rear ended once, and the front light chrome pieces were stolen. Ed also removed the valve cover for no reason and could not explain why he did. I live an hour away from Ed, when I finally saw the condition of the car and the fact that he was still not working on it, I told him I wanted the car back. He tried to say we should give it to him. He apparently fixed the rear ride height. He did nothing else. He did not give us a refund on the $2000.00 we gave him. He said he was stalled in working on the car because I moved. I really have no idea what that would have to do with him fixing my car at his shop, but this is the kind of excuse he gives. I have always had the same two phone numbers and he could always have called me if he had any questions. Of course there were no questions from Ed due to the fact that he did not do the work. I finally got the car back and had to install a battery it was missing, replace a water pump due to electrolosis from sitting, adjust the valves and replace the valve cover, put lug nuts back on that he did not put on and replace the brake master cylinder. I drove my car to his shop and had to have it towed home. AAA was very confused about this situation. Ed had the audacity to say he was waving the storage fees. I am not sure why he did not fix my car as we agreed, but i feel like I was dealing with a scam artist. I will admit that we made some major mistakes. We should not have given him so much money up front and we should not have left the car there for so long, and we should have checked on the car more often. I was foolish trusting and just really hopping he would do the work. Ed is very convincing and seems to be an honest guy, its unfortunate that things turned out this way. Ironically when I was first there, I asked him about all the cars he had in his parking lot, he said he has no one that works for him, that should have been an clue. Also he told me a story about how someone was not paying him for a car he had up on stilts. I did not see the indicators, i guess I was blind from the excitement of having my car fixed. I have lost all motivation to keep this car at this point and have given it away to someone who can work on it themselves. I have four kids, so someday when they all move out I will give it a go in my own garage but for now, my dreams of owning and driving around on Sundays in a classic are over. Due to my poor decisions and Ed Drayton's dishonesty.

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