Dramatic gear change on 2001 Mazda 626

When my vehicle shifts from first to second or second to third gear, the rpm builds up until the gear changes and there is a significant jerk in the car at the time it changes gear. The car has a 100K miles on it. Why would this be?

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First thing to check is your transmission fluid level, If its low it will slip when changing gears.
I see a turbine speed sensor available from the dealer and the labor to change this is .6 of an hour
What else could cause this other than low transmission fluid?
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it sounds exactly like the transmission in my van but I had it rebuilt and all is's whats happening to yours you are actually skipping over 2nd gear and when it finally catches third you feel a jerk and since 2nd gear is usually paired with 4th or overdrive so 4th is getting toasted to.........sorry about your luck!!!!!!!
what was the cost to change gear on your car mine is doing the same thing...