Drainback relief valve available if torque converter drains back into transmission on Dodge Dakota

If the vehicle has been parked for an extended period, and the transmission takes a few seconds to engage when shifting into gear from park, it may be caused by the torque converter draining back into the transmission. If the fluid level is correct, a "drainback relief valve" is available that installs in the oil cooler pressure line.
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Average mileage: 94,085 (80,256–107,000)
Drive Train affected: 4WD
2 model years affected: 1994, 2005
5 people reported this problem
3 people shared problem details
2005 Dodge Dakota- 4WD95,000
Transmission does not engage immediately after vehicle has set for awhile. even overnight. Had filter replaced, but still does it.
2005 Dodge Dakota- 4WD80,256
After sitting idle for a day the transmission is slow to engage after starting. Had the shop check it out and the fluid was draining out of the torque converter.
2005 Dodge Dakota- 4WD107,000
after cold start up trans. doesn't immediately go into drive. If you aren't careful and you try to accelerate it will slam into drive.
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