Drain Plug Gasket on 2011 Toyota Corolla

So far, I see most mechanic always change engine oil and filter, but I didnt pay attention w/ drain plug gasket.Does most mechanic know that he needs to change drain plug gasket as well? Or do I need to tell him? Anyone could refer me to reliable mechanic shop around Hollywood. Thanks ...

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depends on the condition of the gasket. your car is new and probably does not need one. you should not have to tell the shop anything about there job if you trust them.
i am from pa. sorry i cannot recommend a shop to you.

THx for the answer roy. If we don't need to change drain plug gasket everytime we change oil. Why repairpal said that we need to change it everytime we change engine oil? How many miles about we should change drain plug gasket. Thx again for the answer.
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You dont always have to change the drain plug gasket unless its torn or cracked, that gasket can last through many oil changes.