dots in windshield on 1999 Chrysler Sebring

my windshield has small "sparkly" dots in it that are very visible and annoying in the sunlight. Dealer says it has something to do with the sun protection in the glass. seems to be getting more and more.

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Those "sparkly dot" are likely minute chips on the glass from road debris, sand, gravel etc. There is no way to prevent it. Your vehicle is 11 years old. A automotive glass shop may be able to "polish" some of it out, but the only real fix is to replace the windshield. My vehicle has the same issues. It's a 2001 Dodge.
No. It's about 8 sparkles per inch on every piece of glass on the vehicle. Windshield, door windows and the rear window. What on earth could be doing this?
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I drive a 2010 Focus and have the same annoying speckles. What is it?! I'm thinking about taking the car back to the dealer I bought it from to find out. I figure there are at least 8 speckles in every square inch of the glass...windshield, back window and the side door windows.

Me 2, Me 2!! omg I thought I was the only one. My mechanic never seen this and thinks I am crazy. I have a 2000 Focus and cant see in the sunlight. Tons of sparkly dots. I tried steel wool and other stuff. nothing works. They seem to be inside the glass. I am going to replace the windshield but am hoping the new one doesnt have the sun protection that may be causing this.