Buick LeSabre Problem Report

Buick LeSabre Door would not automatically unlock from the remote or when the master lock switch was opened and the window would not work.

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Left Rear Door Module (Part #: 25654368) was bad -- Symptom: door would not automatically unlock and the window would not work. troubleshooting: pried off the plastic cover behind the door handle (start at the hinge side), removed single screw and then starting at the bottom pulled off the door covering (It is held in with plastic snaps), found 12v going into the door module and deduced the module was the problem; found one on ebay motors for $50, when it arrived, I unscrewed the 2 nuts, unplugged the 2 connectors, installed the 'new' part and all is working. -
door locks will not work with remote and no windows will go up or down have to lock doors manualy also side rear view mirrors will not work -
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