Land Rover Discovery Problem Report

Land Rover Discovery Rear Cargo Door May Not Open

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Internal failure of the rear cargo door latch can cause the door to not open when using the outside door handle.

Rear door would not open inside or out. I fixed the problem. The outside handle was frozen inward.I took a screwdriver and on the side of the handle (not under the center, but on the side using friction) GENTLY got it back to the position that would open the door. It opened. I then sprayed WD 40 in a small hole above the latch on the side of the door (located by the child lock lever) It apears to work fine now. -
Rear cargo door would not open from inside or outside. The outside handle sticks where it still moves about a quarter inch but doesn't open. Simply take a small flathead screwdriver or butter knife and pry the handle back towards the door. Squeeze and it should open. Once open lubricate with PB Blaster or WD 40 in the handle area and the door catch. Works well after that. -
Cargo door won't open from inside or out. -
Removed the Land Rover plastic logo from the rear door latch, and sprayed WD-40 in there. -
Wd40! My handle would stick so I 40 it. Problem solved. Now for the oil leak... -
rear door sticks -
The door will not open from inside or outside. Outside latch was stuck so I lubed and worked free. Yet the door still does not open. -
doors won't unlock, cargo or pssenger -
Cargo door "jammed" won't open -
Same thing for me, going to try wd 40 -
not fixed yet! -
Back door would not open.Screwdriver and WD-40 fixed the problem. -
Rear door won't open -
door will not open from inside or outside. outside handle now has little movememt. no warning -
back hatch door only open with key. Door will not open normally. Need to replace door mechanisms whatever they are, have not done so yet. -
Sprayed inside latch with silicone spray to lubricate. -
When I turn off the car the lock in the rear door goes crazy and then will not open. It stays locked??? -
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