Door Window Regulator Replacement

The door window regulator is the mechanism that raises and lowers the door window glass on both power and manually-operated windows.

Vehicles equipped with electric windows have an electric motor in each door. When the driver/passenger pushes the window-switch control panel, the window raises and lowers. This electric motor operates a mechanical linkage called the door window regulator, which is attached to the door's window glass.

Wear in the door window regulator may cause the window to open or close improperly—or not move at all—even though the motor can be heard when the window-switch control panel is operated.

To replace the door window regulator, first remove the inner door trim panel. Then, remove the regulator from the window glass and then remove the glass itself. Separate the electric motor and door window regulator and replace the window-operating mechanism. The components are then reassembled in reverse order.