Dodge Intrepid Problem Report

Dodge Intrepid Wind Noise and/or Water Leak Due to Weatherstrip Issue

(17 reports)

Door weatherstrips mounted on the body tend to shrink with age, leaving gaps that can create wind noise or allow water to leak into the car. Our technicians suggest the door weatherstrips should be replaced to correct these issues.

Weather stripping on both rear doors falling off. Tried to stretch and re-glue but need to buy new ones -
It's SHRINKAGE!!! (for you Seinfeld fans) yes I have this problem and am trying to find replacements. -
weather stripping shrinkage I cant seem to find replacement stripping -
Weather stripping around all doors loose water puddling everytime it rains -
The weather striping in my car has dry rotted and is shrinking as well. -
There is no solution, replacement is necessary -
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