door locks make a clicking sound like they are trying to lock driving on 2002 GMC Safari

When you are all ready in drive and you start start off from a stop.Until you reach steed above 55 to 60 miles an hour.

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is there any ck eng light on? scan body control module for codes and post if any
Sometimes the avs and break light come on the dash when you go over a bump in the road and will
Stay on for a while. I had the car into the shop and they could not figure the lock problem out.
Check on the back side door if the door pin is broken when you close the door that pin send that the door is closed bit if the little head is broken it will not reconfize is closed already I tried putting something over it to replace the broken head and stop making the noise
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Do you have them set to lock when you start driving and normally lock around 10 mph.
Yes, when you pull it into drive the locks lock and you hear the same sound while you drive until you reach between 55 or 60. And
Also the two front doors don t unlock with the key fob, but I am not sure if that is the same problem or if it is a different problem.
I'm just wondering if the BCM is recognizing the doors are not closed or not sure of a signal to tell it when they are open or closed. Would suggest having the modules scanned for data to see if the door actuators door control modules are giving false information even while driving. Need to find out where the glitch is.
Ok I will have to take it to the shop and ask hem to scan for that. I will show them your email.
Thanks I will let you know what the say.

Good it would be good if they have a Tech2 scan tool. It will read all the data you need for the GM vehicles. That's what I use for GM vehicles.
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