door locks don't work on 2000 Mercedes-Benz S430

The door locks won't work with the interior switch or the key remote. It has also effected the gas flap lock and the trunk latch.

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Check the N relay under the hood. Its in the passenger side fuse box. This was my problem.
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my door locks and trunk won't work, but the doors will close with the vaccum assist. Also, the inside door lock switch on the center console won't work, the switch usually flashes when you lock or unlock it.
i have the same problem my doors locks good but the trunk won t work !!!! did you find the problem ?? please let me know
Hello, sorry to see you didn't get any advice here, were you able to figure out the issue with the door locks?
the key switch remorte stop work
It's the vacum pump in the trunk. sometimes it's just the connectors sometimes the pump itself. The whole system is vacum acctuated.
I have this same problem. Did you find the answer
no wat can i do
vacum pump that controls the central locking system