2005 Infiniti FX35 Q&A

2005 Infiniti FX35 Question: Door Locks

Recently, my door locks are not locking and unlocking (2 passenger side doors & trunk). They "move" but don't open or close all the way. Recommendations??? -
Answer 1
just wondering if you ever got an answer to this.... same thing happening to us. -
Comment 1
did you get an answer? the same thing just started happening to me -
Answer 2
No response on how to fix (yet)... -
Answer 3
That happened to my 2005 FX35 about a year ago. It was my actuator that had to be replaced. -
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the passenger side door will not lock or unlock with or without keyless entry. what do i need to look for to fix this issue?
My infiniti started on its own when I was locking the doors and was unable to turn off.