Honda Element Problem Report

Honda Element Door Lock May be Not Turn Due to Worn Tumblers

(95 reports)

Worn door lock tumblers can cause the lock not to work. Removing the lock assembly and replacing the tumblers is needed to fix this problem.

Drivers side tumblers failed in door lock 2004 Element After reading same frequent issues this should be a recall -
Key in driver side will not turn. It gets stuck and will not unlock. I have to insert, remove and re-insert many times in hopes that it will open. There are many times it just won't...and I will have to enter from the passenger side. Please recall. -
I've been locking and unlocking the car through the passenegr's side door. Now that lock is developing hte same problem. -
Driver side tumbler broken. I fixed it by myself about 2 hours. This issue should be a recall. -
my key gets stuck. goes in halfway and then nothing. i have been having to enter through passenger side. RECALL PLEASE!!!! -
No solution yet. I have to enter from the passenger's side. -
Tumblers on driver side door and the tail gait are worn. Also today i could get my keys into my ignition but it would not turn, hoping it isn't the tumblers in the ignition as that could be upwards of $800 to fix -
can not unlock the driver side door with the key -
Drivers side door will accept key but it is hard to insert and key can't be turned. I have to crawl through passenger door in order to unlock drivers door. I have to lock drivers side door from passenger seat in order to lock all vehicle doors. -
~90000. Driver side door lock was getting difficult to insert key in. Now I can get it in, but won't turn. I tried oiling it and letting it sit for 24 hours but that did not work. Likely a tumbler problem. I could by the individual lock from HOnda for $55, but it would have a separate key and I would have to install it myself. They won't sell tumblers separately. If I had them install it without matching the other locks, it would be ~$275. If I had them install it to match the key for the other locks, it would be around $350-75. Kind of a rip off. I went to a local mechanic and said the job would probably take ~ 2hours for him to work on and he would not be able to match the key like the dealer does. This really should have been a recall. -
You put the key in the drivers side door to unlock it and it won't turn. So several attempts are made to unlock until it will finally work but it's getting worse. -
Drivers side door lock won't work with key. Has been getting progressively worse over last several months. -
Drivers side lock cylinder will not function using the key from the outside to lock or unlock. Lock latch on driver door will not lock when pushing the central locking button. PLEASE RECALL -
First the key got stuck in drivers side door, then eventually lock would not work at all. Entered through the passenger door, now that sticks and can't get in that door. Only lock that now works is the back hatch. Climbing in through back of car and climbing over sears is not very much fun. If so many people have had the same issue, why hasn't Honda recalled this? Very disappointing. -
Drivers side door lock stopped working with key. Door will lock when the interior auto lock button is pushed, and will lock if the key is used in the passenger side door to lock. -
Door locks sticky; inserted key won't turn. enter through passenger side to lock and unlock but passenger side lock is having same problem. So far the trunk lock works but entering through back of the car is a lousy option. -
Key will not go into lock -
Key was stuck in the door I finally got it out. Called pop a lock unlocked the door a the alarm would turn off because I could get the key to unlock the door. I had to have my car towed home. L -
Key in driver side will not turn. It gets stuck and will not unlock. I have to insert, remove and re-insert many times in hopes that it will open. There are many times it just won't...and I will have to enter from the passenger side. Now I am having the same issue with passenger side as well. Please recall. -
The driver's door was becoming increasingly diffcult to unlock, requiring me to jiggle the key a bit before getting it open. it now is completely non-functioning. My son, the owner of a 2003 Honda Element, also has a inoperable driver-side door lock. On looking over Honda Element problems, this particular issue coes up VERY frequently, and I thoroughly agree with those who have written to suggest to Honda that this should have been and remains a problem that should require a RECALL! There are SAFETY and SECURITY issues here; I can not quickly access the safety of my vehicle- I must walk around to the passenger side, unlock the door, lean over to unlock the driver door, and walk back around to enter via the driver's door (It is cumbersome to climb over the front console between the front seats). Another time, someone parked so close to my passenger side door that I could not open the door, and had to enter through the rear entrance and clamber over back seats to unlock the front driver's door. (the choice involved either climbing into the front seat-try to imagine that..., leaning well over the front seat to actually open the front door sothat I could then open the back door, get out and enter into the front, or climb back over the back seat and coimb out. None of those is an acceptable option! There will be a lawsuit someday, when someone trying to access their vehicle is attacked or injured in their attempt to get into the car- Honda! You need to RECALL for this problem! NOW! -
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