Door Lock May be Not Turn Due to Worn Tumblers on Honda Civic

Worn door locks (tumblers) can cause the lock not to work. Removing the lock and replacing the worn parts (tumblers) is needed to get the lock working again.

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Average mileage: 107,381 (30,000–200,000)
8 model years affected: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, more2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
48 people reported this problem
34 people shared problem details
2009 Honda Civic36,000
Driver's side door won't allow the key all the way in and will not turn. Tried WD-40 and also some graphite. I loosened up a bit, but still can't get the key to work. I called the local dealership and they advised using my second key or the valet key. The primary key shows no sign of wear and works fine in the passenger door lock. Should have gone keyless!!!
2010 Honda Civic60,000
Driver side door locks doesn't lock or unlock using key. However passenger door and trunk door opens fine with same key.
2003 Honda Civic88,000
door lock problem ,key goes half way in and thats it.sounds like a common problem to me,needs to be a recall.
2004 Honda Civic75,000
Same as everyone else, key doesn't work on drivers side.
Just picked up my 2009 Civic after 3 days in Honda repair -- was having trouble w/key in driver's door - wouldn't always lock/unlock but was able to deal with it. Door lock tumblers have already been replaced once about 2 years ago. Saturday the keys wouldn't work in the ignition. Car had to be towed. Thankfully the problem occurred locally. DX: worn tumblers. $890.00 later - all new locks/tumblers. Hope this is the last time with this problem otherwise could be the last Honda I own...Will be sending letter to Honda with a copy of the invoices for both replacements. It will be interesting to see what they do.
2004 Honda Civic87,000
Same issue with lock. THis will be second time to replace it. Never had this happen with any other car I owned.
2005 Honda Civic149,500
Door lock will not turn with key . Can't get the key in the lock..
2003 Honda Civic137,000
Ignition lock failure at about the same time we noticed the door looks were getting bad. Ignition lock replacement was in the $500 range. We ignored the door locks; until now, when some miscreant violated our interior space. Three locks, all going bad; at the same time. Something stinks in Hondaville. Have appt. w/ dealer today.. Hope to file a happier update...
2009 Honda Civic100,000
The drivers side door became difficult to insert the key into about a week ago. I was able to unlock it with a little bit of wiggling of the key. Then the key stopped going into the keyhole at all. I can't unlock it and have to reach over the passenger side to unlock the door on the inside.
2003 Honda Civic80,000
key does not turn in drivers door
Takes a couple minutes to unlock driver side door handle. Lock seems to be worn out.
2004 Honda Civic172,000
Same as everyone on the drivers door. Honda should fix these problems before someone gets locked in when in an accident and looses their life.
2008 Honda Civic60,000
The doors locked me out completely. The keyless entry would not work and neither did trying to manually unlock the door. I had a to get a locksmith to let me in. I've had other problems with the locks in the past. I have an appointment Monday. Hope it works out. There was a class action lawsuit settled last year about defective locks on Honda CRV
2003 Honda Civic130,000
Driver's side door lock sticking -- sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. Key won't go in or will go in but not far enough to unlock door.
2003 Honda Civic100,000
Driver door lock will not accept the key. Passenger side does sometimes.
2003 Honda Civic167,000
Key will go into the drivers side door, but will not turn
2005 Honda Civic145,000
If the second time I have this problem. The first time was 6 months ago and the lock smith make one different key just for the door. Know is the same. I sure this must be part of recall
2003 Honda Civic90,000
My 2003 Honda Civic Driver's side door lock seemingly "froze" (though not due to weather so far as I can tell - I live in mild Southern California). I can put the key in but cannot turn it to lock it or unlock it. I had the lock replaced a year ago, and within 6 months, had the same problem all over again - it was fine for the first 5 or so months, but by the 6th month, it became difficult to turn the locking mechanism over to lock or unlock again from the outside (just as before the repair), and now is completely unusable - in the same state as it was pre-repair. What in the world is the problem? This is very frustrating.
2005 Honda Civic145,500
both drive side and passenger side door locks no longer unlock with a key from the outside.
2009 Honda Civic75,000
I've had two door locks replaced so far. The mechanic (not a dealer) told me the locks were worn out (or at least some of the tumblers) and this is a common problem. Tonight, it is the ignition that has failed. Grrr... This is a manufacturing defect IMHO, and an expensive one.
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