Door lock gremlin. on 2004 Chevrolet Astro

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My door locks operate erratically on thier own when I'm driving. They seem to get really active when I accelerate quickly. I replaced the BCM but that only cured other problems, like the dash cluster going dead and coming back on, the theft deterrent light coming on and beeping this sickly beep, then going off, and the automatic head light now comes on when I start up. I just noticed that the pass. side lock actuator must be going bad because the remote doesn't cause it to lock or unlock that door. I'm going to replace it, but I don't think it will solve the gremlin havin a party with the power locks.
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Open the front doors and wiggle the rubber wire loom that is at the door hinges to see if the locks act up, do both front doors.
Tried it with the engine on, in gear, both doors. Nothing. But thanks for responding!
It was just a guess but i have seen these wires chafed to the point of shorting out. ALL door locks doing this?
I think they're all affected, but they don't actually lock/unlock the door. They sound like it though. I noticed tonight that driving over bumps make it happen as well as quick acceleration. Sound like a loose ground maybe?
Yep it sure does or a bare wire somewhere! It's going to be hard to find i expect. You know the side door, seems like, would likely move around more when accelerating. (Another guess though) Figured the BCM would have fixed it.
You know, you might be onto something about that side door. I've had to keep the cargo light turned off because the side door light switch is broken. That's the next thing I'm going to try tomorrow. Thanks!

Hey pushrod...eureka! You mentioned the side door and then it bammed on me. That cargo light switch had a broken end and it was just making intermittent contact with the door. Fixed it with a thick felt self adhesive pad I stuck at the spot on the door to take up the space. That was it! Now all the door locks are calm and back under my command. Thanks, for the insight!
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Do you have an alarm system in your car? If not check your door lock relays.
I have something called a 'theft deterrent' light that used to come on and off, sometimes preventing the vehicle to start. That appears to be fixed by replacing the BCM.
Do you know where the lock relays are? Is there one component that would affect all 4 door locks?
If the siren in your alarm is going bad it can cause all of these afflictions. They have machines at the dealership solely devoted to factory alarms. It is called a VIDA diagnostic machine. It will hold and store I believe up to ten of the last codes. Some will run a free diagnostic on this. Ask for a print out if the same code keeps popping up that could be the cure. Check all the seals on the doors,hatch, and hood are firmly in place and close up to par. Just one of these not closed correctly can set the alarm off or cause sensors and relays to go bad. I just had this problem at our shop.
Thanks for all the ideas. I just might use the dealership on this one.
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