Volvo V70 Problem Report

Volvo V70 Door Lock Assembly May Fail

(19 reports)

One or more door lock assembly may fail and cause door locking/unlocking problems.

Erratic unlocking behaviour, typically during heat of day, fail to unlock with remote key central lock, have to unlock manually. Resolves on it's own. -
right front door will not lock -
Constant clicking on and off from my passenger side door lock. I disconnected the unit to stop the clicking the window was on the same connection which was shorting anyway. But then I have to manually turn off the cab lights every time i get out of the car since it won't receive the message the door is closed. Left for vacay a week, came back and the battery died from the clicking. SO BAD that none of the locks would work on the fob. Buyers beware. -
RH front door will lock but will not open. -
Front passenger & back driver's side doors no longer unlock using fob or master locking/unlocking button. NO resolution yet. -
so far, no solution. I'm stuck -
rear passenger door inop with key or remote fob. makes a whirring noise like the gears are stripped. have to manually unlock door. -
passenger side backseat door lock is making noise but not responding to the auto key. I won't unlock or lock other than manually -
Back passenger side door locks everytime it is closed and doesn't unlock from the inside. -
Driver door is stuck closed and locked. I do not know how to remove the panel with the door closed. -
pass side front won;t unlock -
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