Door Lock Actuator on 2001 Toyota RAV4

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I've been having problems with my drivers side automatic door lock. I've been told it's the door lock actuator / solenoid.

I've check it out on the internet and I do not seem to be the only one with this problem.

All other doors lock except the drivers side lock. It moves slightly, but does not lock.

It's expense to fix, so I'll just have to lock it manually.
(3) Answers
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We work on a lot of RAV4s I have replaced a few door lock solenoids but not of epidemic proportions. The door lock actuator is about $115 and a repair shop will charge about 1 to 1.2 hour to fit.
same problem the drive side not lock un lock but the paseger side yes, and back one drive side, can you tell me what happen . idon't it the power swiches
the driver site and passenger its dost luck and unluck evn pus the manualhe does work lock and unlock