door jamb switch on 1991 Toyota Camry

how do i install a door jamb switch, i noticed that my interior dome lights don't come on. I checked all fuses, they were ok, and i installed a new bulb, and still no light. I believe that the door jamb switch is bad.

Asked by for the 1991 Toyota Camry
The dome light should work of either front door. If the dome light doesn't come on when you open the driver's door does it work when you open the passenger front door? If it does come on the driver's door switch is bad if the light doesn't come on check the contacts in the dome light itself they may oxidize and get dirty. The door switch I believe only has one philips screw securing it to the door jam pillar, make sure the wire doesn't fall off as you take the the switch out of the door jam.
Ther are no visible switches that I noticed. Could it be a magnetic type field