Door handles, driver side door stuck, parking brake warning on 2003 Kia Sedona

My van had a "psycho" episode a few days ago. Ran some errands, got back into the van and no-go. No turning over, no clicking etc. Took the key out, cleaned battery cables/terminals etc. Put the key back in, van started flickering lights on console. Died. Turned back over and it turned over ONCE. Took key OUT and the van started. Ran fine all the way home. Died again AT home. Started fine the next day and ever since. My fuel latch won't open from inside anymore, gotta pry w/ a screwdriver. Driver side door will not open. Yes we've tried the key/remote latch etc and it's a no-go. Nothing looks broken or worn inside door panel. Both sliding doors have broken handles, one inside-one outside. ACK! HELP! Because KIA's are fairly dependable vehicles I'm having no luck finding one for parts to work on the door/latch assembly. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

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check engine light on?sounds like electrical isseu wiring/relay / ignition switch...could be almost anything best to have a pro check it