Door Handles on 1995 Volkswagen Passat

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So I bought a 1995 VW Passat and the two back door handles have to be tugged at twice to open and sometimes more. The front door handles dont work at all. This happened out of nowhere too. Is this common for this car to do this? I got the driver door fixed and not even two days later it wouldnt open again.
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I had the same problem if you take off the door panel and watch the door Handel it pushes down the part that is mounted on the outside of the door. On my car that part it pushes on got bent down a little just needed to bend it up and I only have to pull once. You can also get to it by taking the two hex bolts out of it and it comes off. It's just a little tab bend it back up a little and try that first. Front handles don't come off as easy.