2001 Toyota Sequoia Q&A

2001 Toyota Sequoia Question: door handle

How do I install rear hatch door handle? -
Answer 1
You would access the trim panel on the inside of the door itself, and replace the handle assembly accessing fasteners to the handle through this panel. -
Answer 2
This is tricky but I did manage to do it myself (the second time, the 1st time it broke I paid Toyota like $500). I found a couple of videos on youtube that I used. Toyota replacement handle is plastic, like $70 and will break again. You can get a metal one for ~$35 on e-bay. I also fixed my rear window at the same time I did this project and have not had a problem since. Very satisfying. here is one link and there are several others as this is a common problem. http://www.doorlockrepair.org/toyota-sequoia-broken-rear-hatch-latch-repair/ -
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