Don't know what's wrong. Help! on 1995 Pontiac Sunfire

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I was driving to a friend's house in my '95 Pontiac Sunfire Saturday night when all of a sudden I heard a metallic scraping sound and my car got really loud. When I pulled over into a parking lot and looked under my car I saw what looked like a long metal pipe that was broken and was dragging along the street. I called my friend and he was able to temporarily put the pipe back up and I was able to get home safely. He thought it was a muffler pipe. I'm not sure. I'm a total idiot when it comes to cars. Does anyone know what this long pipe is and how much it would cost to fix it? I've already put a lot of money into this thing since I got it back in 2007.
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That is a simple fix, it is just the exhaust pipe. Take it to a muffler shop and have them fix or replace it. Should cost you $100 or less to repair.
not that it matters 2 years later... but for the record... home depot sells whats called coldweld* its a brand of semi liquid/solid putty and works up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit.. and wire. when the muffler dropped you may have put a hole in it. use the coldweld to patch holes. use the wire and wrap it around any braces or mount holes and just tighten with some pliers. the 100$ job couldve cost you $5.00 and 10 minutes of your life.
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