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Don The Car Care Man
June 12, 2008

If you do not like to read large reviews, here is the bottom line. Don's does NOT nickel and dime you, and does NOT cheat you by saying a service is needed when it is not.

Now for the full review!

Don's does not play games. You tell them what you want done, or what you want looked into and they come up with a good price.

Then the job is done on your car by only ASE certified technicians - and done correctly the FIRST time. Then you pay the bill, leave, and enjoy your car who's repairs will HOLD.

It is as simple as that! Now for more of my personal interactions with the guys at Don's. All of them are nice guys who you can tell really care what they are doing.

They still have pride in their work. All of the guys are local and live in the community. They offer you a drive service if you do not want to wait around, like if you need to go to work.

I just had my rear brakes cleaned and re-aligned, and my coolant system cleaned and flushed out.

Denny did the work and even offered to show me details about the work when he found out I am interested in learning how to maintain my car.

I really think you should give them a call at least, but if you stop in I am confident you will 'sense' that you won't be ripped off or have games played with you.

Their prices are fair, not too high, not too low. Too high is dealer pricing, and too low is places who do not employ ASE techs and don't care anymore. I would rather pay $10 bucks more for an oil change over those various 'quickie lube' type places because I know if anything is out of wack - even if not related to the oil job - they will see it and tell you that something might be failing and will explain it to you with no 'bully' tactics to stress you into having the work done on the spot.

In fact, Denny the technician who did my work this time, came back after checking the entire brake system and told me that I had 80% on my front brakes, and that there is no need to do any major work, just the rear brake cleaning job.

Bad repair shops don't last because if they lie to you saying that I needed all new brakes costing X amount, ( even when I did not!) and they keep lying word spreads that they are ripping off people. Don's has been around for a LONG time, and is in it for the LONG haul! Simply put, they would not be here if they were cheating their customers.

Thank you for reading my review!

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