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2006 Toyota Camry Question: Dog Bone Mount

I have just been informed that my "dog bone mount is broken." I want to know how critical this is and how much to expect with cost. -
Answer 1
dealership will fix it for $180. the part is $129. I got one on ebay for $49 and do it myself. Its just 2 bolts. thats it. -
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...y timing blet and water pump replaced recently at the Toyota dealership. They told me that the dog bone mount is cracked and the engine is moving excessively. They recommended that I replace the dog bone...
What is this mount? Is it a motor mount? How much would this cost including labor?
...e whole gearbox and motor is moving. BTW, it's a manual trans. I've already replaced the dog bone mount on top of the engine thinking that was the problem, but not the lower font and back mounts as...
I was only told this one time when I had my oil changed but was also told it wasn't urgent. Next oil change no mention of the problem. Does my car have a dog bone shaped motor mount?