Does the water pump make noise ie. ticking or knocking when it is going out? on 1991 Nissan 300ZX

Just bought car from tow yard had blown head gasket and thermostat was stuck removed thermostat put in blue devil put in new thermostat and gaskets now no overheating at all but there is a noise at front of motor in the fan/water pump area

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Never heard a waterpump ticking but the fan clutch will. Does the fan move freely when cool and tighten up after the engine warms up?
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you could try starting the vehicle with out the fan belt and see if the noise is still there, if noise is gone then you would know if it is an external problem, ie, pump, pulley, fan clutch, ect.. only run for few minutes or less without belt or damage can occur..
Wow great idea thank you will try that now
No prob, but like i said dont let it run very long it will overheat..