Does the sediment bowl from the 1993 Audi 90 fuel tank come out? Thanks on 1993 Audi 90

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I'm trying to clean the fuel tank of my 1993 Audi 80, (renamed as Audi 90 in the U.S.).
I took out the pump, the pump holder cup with the sieve, fuel gauge ...but how do I get the sediment bowl out?
First of all, does it come out? Does it come apart somehow, because it's bigger than the hole/opening on the fuel tank?
What about the little switch-thing on its right side? What is it for?
Thank you.
(1) Answer
You really need to tank the tank to a facility that can properly clean the tank out and line it with an epoxy if needed. Most radiator shops do this service.
I'm sure somewhere in the big Apple there is such a shop.