does the idle positioning sensor have any kind of adjustment on 1998 Buick LeSabre

when i start it on cold mornings the idle goes way up to 2000 sometimes 3000 rpms and i just replaced it.

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repl what?
what is an lps?
idle positioning sensor and throttle positioning sensor are both right there together and i replaced both of them
seek help you are wasting time and money
thanks for all the great help I`m not sure you guys know what a idle positioning sensor is.
well maybe look in a mirror to find out who doesn't know what. really dude if you knew so much why are you on this site. it looks like you are saying lps which is nothing,ck you typing before you call people out. ips is what your trying to say
good answer greg we not on this sight because we are stupid
your answer was to seek help and thats what i thought i was doing but i should have known better
we can't work magic for you. well with that said i think i'l go drive my trk home.yes the one with the prefect idle.
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did you replace the iac valve or the tps
I replaced the tps and the Ips