does the computer have anything to do with it not getting any spark on 1993 Buick LeSabre

car wont start. no spark. coils r not receiving a signal have replaced crank sensor and ignition module have tried another computer does computer control if its not getting a spark

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The PCM (computer) controls both spark and fuel. It uses 'inputs' from the various sensors to determine the rate of fuel flow and ignition timing. Are you doing this yourself? You may need to test wiring and or some other sensors for proper operation , so a manual with correct wiring diagrams would be most helpful. I would suggest , if you don't have much experience with diagnostics , you may want to save money by bringing (towing) it to a shop. It might hurt at first , but you might save more that way , rather than continuing to put parts (plus your own time and aggravation) into it. Guessing can get VERY expensive! Good luck..............I just saw the other post with Wetrys' answer ,and OOPS! , yes I forgot about the 'prom' chip and other good stuff on them , so his advice of a shop may end up being your best option...MY BAD!