Does the AC switch in the ccrm also actvate the cooling fan at the same time? on 1999 Ford Escort

I had a new AC compressor and dryer installed on my 99 escort LX. It worked ok for a couple days then stopped. I went back, they said it needed a new line to stop the leak, so I had that installed. It worked ok for a couple weeks then stopped. They put another new compressor on. It worked ok couple days then stopped. I went back & they recharged it. It worked OK for a couple hours then stopped. Went backed they put another new compressor on. Worked OK couple days then stopped. Went back & they recharged it. Worked a couple hours then stopped. Went back and they said that the radiator cooling fan motor has to run the whole time the AC is on - "UNDERSTANDABLE". They said that fan got so hot it stopped while the AC was on and built up high pressure and blew the freon out, the relief valve. And now they want to replace the fan assembly AT A PRICE FAR EXCEEDING MY BUDGET!!!
I got skeptical,. Because the car has never overheated on me in 7 years.
So I went home and turned on the AC and it worked for over ¼ tank of gas and during that time I reached down and touched the fan motor “over and over again and never did it get hot enough to burn my fingers. I shut the AC down and the fan continued to run for another min or so and then stopped, as the engine got hot enough the fan came back on as it should, till the fan cooled it off and then stopped as it should. So I don’t think it’s a bad fan motor.
Does the same switching module that tells the AC compressor clutch to engage also tell the fan motor to engage and stay engaged?
Is it possible that the CCRM works sometimes and not another,” intermittently “?


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Check and see if there are 2 seperate relays , 1 for the comp. clucth , and 1 for the condensor fans. IF it's got a seperate relay for the A/C comp. clucth , it may be faulty , causing the compressor to stay engaged ,without the condensor cooling fans being on , causing the system to build pressure and blow out the relief valve.
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seek a 2nd opinion, they are missing a poss blockage in the a/c system. the fan should come on when the a/c is turned on