Does the 2009 Nissan 290 HP engine require, (must), the use of Nissan Ester oil? on 2009 Nissan Maxima

I recently purchased the a new Nissan Maxima,2009. I just took it in for it's first sevice call and was advise I "had to" use the Nissan ester oil...$129.99 for an oil change, needless to say Iwas just a little upset, especially since I drive 130 miles per day. Basically this would add $129.99 a month to my car payment. Is the ester oil a "must" factor to maintain my warranty?

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I want the same question answered, I had a regular oil change with no problems
On contacting Nissan USA, I was told by their technical advisor that all that is required is a API 5W30 rated oil. This includes synthetics. This was confirmed by the service manager at a different Nissan dealership. Bottom line, When in doubt, contact Nissan USA directly.
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Does your owners manual call for this special oil and at what interval does it need to be changed 5,000 7,500 10,000 stop by a napa auto care center or a chvron oil stop and see what their opinion is
I have owned my 2009 Maxima since 8-08. I ony use 5w-30 Mobile One full syntheic. I now have 70,000 miles with no problems. I spend $30 on oil and filter. Go to Nissan and they should change the oil for less than $10. I also change it at 10,000 mile intervals.
I also have a 2009 maxima and if can clearly feel a different when you use the ester oil....less noise from the engine
I had the same problem, Its no where in written stating that Synthatic oil is required but my dealer said that i need to use synthetic oil. When I asked for supporting documentation, they were unable to provide one.
I also got that show when I just took our maxima in for it's first oil change. The service manager there told me it was recommended but that I could still use regular oil
I had the same question when I first bought mine....The service manual clearly states that the oil used needs to be ester oil...Now, you can go ahead and use standard motor oil, but A: you will void your warranty and B: the car won't perform as well.
I also have a 2009 Maxima that I purchased new and now have 44,000 miles on it. I have searched everywhere and been told the same thing. I was furious but have not been able to find anything saying different. They don't tell you this when you buy the darn car.