does shock absorber need replacing? on 2001 Subaru Forester

Took my Forester to Dealership to get new timing best. Car was running fine but passed 110,000 miles and they recommended it. Then they said I should replace water-pump and drive-belt. It cost $1100 plus tax. Now they say my car should have 4 new shocks replaced. Says it cost another $1100. Car drives fine, do I need to get new shocks? What should it cost? Somehow I think they are starting to rip me off.

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You NEED a new shop ASAP. Get out of this shark tank, while you are still alive. As for the water pump with the timing belt, that makes good sense so you don't have to do the job twice, a t-belt and water pump with seals and tensioners on a Subaru should run about $1200. A good independent shop can fix these cars, they are easy to work on, I have worked on hundreds.

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