Does Oil Pump Need Replacement? on 1999 Ford Explorer

I just had new head gaskets and timing chain replaced. Now the oil gauge is going nuts and the engine is ticking. The mechanic is saying the oil pump needs to be replaced. I haven't had the car back 2 days. Please help!

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You AUTO TECH is correct. You need an oil pump.
Yes, install a mechanical oil pressure gage and see exactly what your oil pressure is. If you have no or low oil pressure then most likely you have a plugged up oil pump pickup screen or a bad oil pump.
Hope I didn't offend by saying "mechanic." I'm very impressed by people who can make things work. Is there any chance it could be a gauge sensor or valve problem? I just want this thing fixed! Thanks for your help.
how do you know when a oil pump has gone bad
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I Dont noooooooo