does not start on 1995 Dodge Ram 1500

I check the fuel pressure,spark,compression test,crankshaft position senor, still does not want to start. It just about starts when you hold the pedal down.I don't know want to do next. rick

by in Gardner, MA on March 09, 2009
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ANSWER by , March 16, 2015
ok, i am retired 25 yr master mechanic. There is a long list of what I call "Trial and Error", things to do. First thing, even though you may have fuel pressure.. it may not be enough. also, injectors need "X" amount of volts to even open. (X= volts per vehicle) dodge is about 30psi at fuel rail, primed for starting So, let try a few simple tests... first, kick the gas tank!!!.. kick and kick.... then try to start it... if it starts, your fuel pump is hanging up, most likely the bearing. Second, Unplug the "up draft" o2 sensor " this is the one in front of the cat"..."nearest the engine". If it starts... replace both o2 sensors, also....this will put the computer into a default mode, by-passing everything. If it is capable of running at will now. If, not, the problem is external, meaning, not sensor related. So, what is left...Fuel pump, spark, air. ok fuel first, best way to solve if it is a relay, swap relays, in the fuse box on DS wheel well. Switch any relay you know works, such as fan relay, or A/C relay. If everything else, check out... air and spark.... fuel pump is hit bro. replace it. spark, remove plug wire, and use old plug, in wire, on block... crank, and watch for spark. or get one of those fancy inline spark testers, for $ No spark? needs coil. hangs off front passenger side of block. Air... remove filter...done Simplest way for a basic driveway troubleshoot. also, turn key on/off/on/off/on.......this will bring up codes onto the milage display. so, pay attention, it goes quick. Best I can do for now, until, i hear word from you guys... P.S. I work for Ohio Technical College...I can bring this question up the line if needed.
ANSWER by , March 11, 2009
Assuming that everything you mentioned above checks out ok, you need to start with removing the Distributor Cap, grasp the rotor and rotate it left to right. If you can move the rotor more that 3/16" of an inch (measures at the tip on the rotor) your distributor drive gear and drive gear bushing are worn causing the Crank Position Sensor and Cam Position Sensor (Distributor pickup) signals to be out of sync. If this is the case, the engine will not start and the Bushing and Drive Gear will have to be replaced. Also FYI, Fuel pressure means nothing without checking fuel pump volume. The fuel pumps in these trucks are notorious for failing. Many times a Fuel Pressure Test gauge shows pressure, (Fuel pressure specification is 49.2 psi +/- 5 psi), but when you perform a Fuel Volume test you will find that there is a large volume of compressed air with little or no fuel present. Replace the Fuel Pump Module and inline filters. Other Possible Causes Include but are not limited to: FUEL FILTER/PRESSURE REGULATOR (HIGH PRESSURE); FUEL FILTER/PRESSURE REGULATOR (HIGH); HIGH RESISTANCE IN THE FUEL PUMP GROUND CIRCUIT; DISTRIBUTOR CAP/ROTOR; IGNITION COIL (PRIMARY RESISTANCE OUT OF SPECS); IGNITION COIL (SECONDARY RESISTANCE OUT OF SPECS); IGNITION COIL DRIVER (PCM); POWERTRAIN FUSES OPEN; SECONDARY INDICATORS PRESENT; ENGINE MECHANICAL PROBLEM; FUEL PUMP RELAY OUTPUT CIRCUIT OPEN; FUSED B+ CIRCUIT TO FUEL PUMP RELAY OPEN/HIGH RESISTANCE; OPEN/HIGH RESISTANCE IN THE ASD RELAY OUTPUT CIRCUIT; OPEN/HIGH RESISTANCE IN THE FUEL PUMP GROUND CIRCUIT; FUEL PUMP INLET STRAINER PLUGGED; NO CKP SENSOR SIGNAL WHEN CRANKING ENGINE; FUEL PUMP MODULE FUEL PUMP RELAY; KINKED/RESTRICTED FUEL SUPPLY LINE; CKP & CMP SENSORS OUT OF SYNC; NO CMP SENSOR SIGNAL WHEN CRANKING ENGINE; FUEL PUMP MODULE; FUEL PUMP CAPACITY (VOLUME) OUT OF SPECS; FUEL PUMP MODULE INLINE HARNESS.
COMMENT by , March 30, 2009
I check fuses, relays. I changed the timing chain. It needed it. When i took the distributor cap off. I could not get the timing on #1. It would line up on #6 all the time so i took the distributor out and set it to #1 and lined the two dots. but i could not get it to fire on #1.It sounded like it was off a 180 know matter what i i went on line again and found someone seed that he could not get his started on #1 .he had to put it on #6 to start. I didn't believe that. but i kept trying on #1. I got tired of trying to start it on #1 so i tryed putting it on #6. It's firing on #6 but can't get it to run . It sound like it what to run but it doesn't.
COMMENT by , June 15, 2010
how do you check fuel pressure
COMMENT by , March 16, 2015
There is a fitting... looks like a metal tire valve stem w/cap on fuel rail. you need a gauge, and hose ... tools my friend... tools. but, you can release ALL pressure in fuel system that way... and then try to see if fuel pump will RE-pressurize it.