Does my car have a bad water-Pump 2.7 v6 ... coolant mixed with oil ??? on 2001 Dodge Intrepid

Bought the car for 2,500 last year feb,2012 --- in april I was driving it and when I came to a stop , it seemed to be shimmying or shaking a little , never did this before ... then when I pressed the gas to turn from the stop sign ... the car acted like it didnt know I was pressing the gas ... did nothing with pedal down ... for a quick 1 second then it drove like normal ... until Id stop again ... once stopped like 1 minute later ... the car had a little steam or smoke coming out from under the left hood area ... i got out ... opened the hood ... and the coolant was empty ... I checked the oil it was mixed and milk shaky color ... had it towed that day ... been sitting since 1 year ... not started at all ... also not drained of oil or any thing ... what should I do ? I researched and it seems its the water pump not head gasket ... but thats just research ... is the car okay from being sitting ? and should I have it repaired ... by a ase certified mechanic ? also is it head gaskets ? or water pump symptoms ? please I have 1,500 to fix ... can I get it done ... or is my engine damaged already ... or does it need checked out ? and how can I trust the mechanic and choose the right place and one ??

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Yes you need a good mechanic, ASE looks good but not at all necessary!! Ask around the neighborhood be supprised what you can find out!
Everyone knows the best local technician. Some of the smartest and best MECHANICS i ever met never heard of Automotive Service Exellence
but performed it with every repair!
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The water pump may have initially caused the problem but only an extreme overheat will cause this. Sounds like head gasket problem. $1500 should be plenty- fair price for this replacement should be around $600. With the extra you may want to have water pump and thermostat replaced just in case. I'd ask friends in your area- hopefully you can find good recommendation for good mechanic to do work.
Timing chain driven internal H2o pump will leak into oil. Mechanic will/should do a combustion leak test to check for blown head gasket or cracked head. Very time consuming repair either way!
Ok yeah good point- didn't realize pump was timing driven.